Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hell on Earth

Hell on Earth is a widely known place called Walmart. I went there last weekend with one of my sister's who swears by the place. She can overlook little things that I can't, like the toothless, greasy haired, deoderant challenged, rude, illiterate, inconsiderate, inbred, who's your daddy, trailer park living, spam eating, Milwaukee's Best drinking, would you like fries with that, polyester wearing, dirt nuggets that are attracted to this place like bugs to a bug zapper. Speaking of how cool would that be to have a giant dirt nugget zapper? All you'd have to do is have a lottery giving away free double wides to draw them in and ZAP they'd all be gone!! Now that would be something to see!


Tommy said...

Ya gotta love a place where you can buy groceries AND guns! Where you can actually encounter a cock fight in the sporting goods aisle, where the "No Bare Feet" rule not only doesn't apply to customers, but is pretty loose for employees too.

What's scary is there are those who don't see it as hell on earth, but as heaven on earth. Time for God to plug in the bug zapper...

Vicki said...

LMFAO Jo. You know how much I HATE that place. Although I do have to say the one in Loganville was at least a decent entry into it.

I love to hear Jeff Foxworthy talk about the people in there. Way to damn funny. But then again I love my blue comedy guys!!!

joanne said...

How true Tommy! Get your guns, groceries and diapers all in one convenient stop! And don't forget the Skoal while you're at it! I was looking forward to a good cock fight but tickets were sold out :( I have never seen so many ass cracks in one place in my life! I imagine that's what it's like to be at a Nascar race.

I love Jeff Foxworthy too Vic, he's a riot. Josh loves the redneck jokes and the comedy tour shows.