Thursday, September 25, 2008

THANK YOU Sonny Perdue

Man what a differnce a bill?? hell if I know if that is what it is called LOL. But he put something in effect that has brought movies galore here!! Lop has 3 he is doing now, flying out next week to Wilmington to shoot a part in some new HBO series, and is auditioning like freaking mad. Has another Disney one that he thinks they really want him for and no telling what else, since there are 20 more coming through here until Dec. It was sad because Tyler Perry called and wanted him to do some new series but he couldn't do it because he has so many movies he is shooting. Broke my heart because that would have been 70 episodes. But I guess movies are really the better thing right now. Or at least that is what his manger tells us.

The best part is he shooting one with Demi Moore and I so can not even wait. I grew up with her on screen and I am so meeting her. (If I where a lesbo I would so do her LOL, well her and Jodie Foster... Hey Tommy sorry but I think I would have the better chance with her ;O)) And he has a month on this other one starting tomorrow. Dean Cain (the newest Superman from TV if you don't remember him). Not sure who is in the others.

But life is good right now. So again THANK YOU Sonny Perdue!!! This actor's wife is ever so grateful to you. But damn we miss working with you Tommy!!!


One site I am glad came about. It has been so interesting how many people I have found and caught up with within the past year. Not sure why this has been the year but it has and it has really made me happy.

So have any of you found any long lost friends though that site??

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So this morning

I sit and wonder.... I look at our local TV stations website to pull my news from (sorry folks I just can't watch it anymore. WAY to depressing for this girl) and all over gas stations are out of gas! So I sit here wondering if it is happening everywhere. I do know it is in Nashville but not sure if it is anywhere else. But I also wonder what is going to happen when people just can't get to work! I mean are bosses going to take the "I can't find gas anywhere" excuse?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Out of boredom

I admit that I watched the boring Emmy's for a bit last night. But it was actually funny because more than half of the TV shows they had up for them I sat there going "what show is that and I have never even heard of it." Needless to say after about 15 minutes I turned it because when you don't even know the shows and never heard of them it is pointless. I know one of them said something about thanking AMC??? for airing it and giving him work etc. I did not even know that they had new TV shows on that channel!! Did you??????? Not even sure I would think to look for them.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My greatest question ever presented

Ok so I am actually saying this on paper per say. Maybe it is because when written and in front of you, you actually have to deal with it and not just put it to the back of your mind. So I found out that my oldest son is actually smoking pot!! I know the horror of it all right? Ok well, here is my problem... I know it is wrong, so wrong and I know it can lead to bigger and even more wrong drugs. BUT (isn't there always a but??) I am one who smoked pot. Yes i did, I know big shocker for some of you LMFAO!! But I did. And actually I went through that phase of life and I stopped doing it. Maybe it is because I didn't like it to begin with, well actually it was because I never had a hangover until I stopped smoking it. And I actually didn't like having a hangover, therefore more pot smoking LOL. Anyway... ( I so hate the words I digress LOL) So how do I deal with this without being hypocritical?? I did it and he knows I did. I am not one to lie to my children or let them think I am this great perfect mom ( I know I really am LOL but they won't buy it hahahaha) but now that it is in front of me like this I am at a loss for words. I wish some great inspirational words would come to me, but I am not Tommy Houseworth and my mind doesn't work like a writers. I can not let it just go and I have tried to "talk" about it but it seems all I can do is scream and that gets us nowhere because he looks at me like what the hell mom you did it and you turned out ok!! Well I am not so sure about the OK part ;O).... anyway... anyone out there is cyber land have any great ways of dealing with this???

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ok so I have to say this

me and my friends went to go see "The Women" today. I just had to. the previews for it were to good to pass up. So like the commercial said I grabbed my friends and we went. I LOVED the movie. I am over the reviews by men. I think they just did NOT "get it". It is a girl thing for sure. But the one thing, and I admit it took me 95% thru the movie to notice it, was there was not ONE guy in the entire movie. Not just talking about talking scenes but not even walking in the back ground. NOT ONE GUY!! That amazed me and it was done so well. So if your a girl I say grab your friends, find the money, and get your butts to the theater. OMG you will NOT be sorry!!! On a funny note there was one man in there that was all by himself. I was thinking hmmmmm wonder what that is about!!! LOL

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Howard Stern Auctions Woman's Virginity

Howard Stern is facilitating auctioning off the virginity of 22-year-old San Diego student ‘Natalie Dylan’ (pictured right) this morning. Whether you’re a fan or not of Howard Stern’s show, if you’ve ever listened you know this is the type of stuff he loves to air. The auction will be conducted at, and that the deal will be consummated at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada (seen on HBO’s hit series “Cathouse.”), where Natalie’s sister happens to work as a prostitute. The San Diego woman who says she wants to sell her maidenhood to pay her college tuition, will conduct the auction, on Stern’s Sirius radio show.
“I don’t have a moral dilemma with it,” says the pretty brunette, who’s using the pseudonym of Natalie Dylan “for safety reasons. “We live in a capitalist society,” she tells the NY Daily News: “Why shouldn’t I be allowed to capitalize on my virginity?"

I don't know who is worse, Stern or this dumb bitch. Stern I expect this from...