Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So this morning

I sit and wonder.... I look at our local TV stations website to pull my news from (sorry folks I just can't watch it anymore. WAY to depressing for this girl) and all over gas stations are out of gas! So I sit here wondering if it is happening everywhere. I do know it is in Nashville but not sure if it is anywhere else. But I also wonder what is going to happen when people just can't get to work! I mean are bosses going to take the "I can't find gas anywhere" excuse?


Tommy said...

It's worse here because Atlantans overreacted, just like we do when there's a snow flurry and we all go and buy bread and milk.

We added to our own shortage. The rest of the south had problems, but none as extensive as ours. I think there may have been some issues in Florida, but again, we went into panic mode, and will spend the rest of the week paying for it.

Vicki said...

Not just Atlanta Tommy. It was the whole south that went nuts. TN, GA. FL and SC. NC might have been on there but they flashed so fast I wasn't sure if they were or weren't. I sat for FORTY FIVE MINUTES today waiting. OMG it is insane and had to pass by 10 stations to find one that actually had it. No I have a good friend in TN and Nashville is like us and out everywhere also.