Thursday, September 25, 2008

THANK YOU Sonny Perdue

Man what a differnce a bill?? hell if I know if that is what it is called LOL. But he put something in effect that has brought movies galore here!! Lop has 3 he is doing now, flying out next week to Wilmington to shoot a part in some new HBO series, and is auditioning like freaking mad. Has another Disney one that he thinks they really want him for and no telling what else, since there are 20 more coming through here until Dec. It was sad because Tyler Perry called and wanted him to do some new series but he couldn't do it because he has so many movies he is shooting. Broke my heart because that would have been 70 episodes. But I guess movies are really the better thing right now. Or at least that is what his manger tells us.

The best part is he shooting one with Demi Moore and I so can not even wait. I grew up with her on screen and I am so meeting her. (If I where a lesbo I would so do her LOL, well her and Jodie Foster... Hey Tommy sorry but I think I would have the better chance with her ;O)) And he has a month on this other one starting tomorrow. Dean Cain (the newest Superman from TV if you don't remember him). Not sure who is in the others.

But life is good right now. So again THANK YOU Sonny Perdue!!! This actor's wife is ever so grateful to you. But damn we miss working with you Tommy!!!


Anonymous said...

That's great he's getting a lot of work, Vicki! What can we all see him in?

Who is Sonny Perdue?


Vicki said...

Sonny Perdue is or Gov.

The one is called "One Child Missing" and the one with Demi Moore is The Jones or something like that. Will let you know when he shoots it because he doesn't remember. Been auditioning for so much we can't even keep up with them all. He got the one for Disney also btw!!!

joanne said...

I'm really hurt Vic. I thought if you were a lesbo you'd do me :( Sure shove me aside for Demi and Jodi see if I care lol.

Vicki said...

Ok well don't be hurt because I would do you any day any time baby ;O) Plus really sweet heart LOL what are my chance with either of them. Well of course I would do Demi's hubby (or are they married yet?) in a sec also LOL

joanne said...

Ok I feel better now I was just a little jealous. After all you did say you'd have a sex change operation for me didn't ya> LMAO You might get your chance with Demi, maybe Lop can hook ya up hahaha. Oh and yes Demi and Ashton are married. He's such a cutie. But you know me my heart really belongs to her ex Bruce :)

Vicki said...

Yep only for you would I have a sex change LOL!!! And EWWWWW on Bruce. Give me Ashton. Now he is YUMMMMMY

And the Demi movie Deb, is called The Joneses

joanne said...

Don't dis my Bruce!!