Monday, September 22, 2008

Out of boredom

I admit that I watched the boring Emmy's for a bit last night. But it was actually funny because more than half of the TV shows they had up for them I sat there going "what show is that and I have never even heard of it." Needless to say after about 15 minutes I turned it because when you don't even know the shows and never heard of them it is pointless. I know one of them said something about thanking AMC??? for airing it and giving him work etc. I did not even know that they had new TV shows on that channel!! Did you??????? Not even sure I would think to look for them.


Tommy said...

More and more networks are branching out and creating their own programming. TNT did it with "Saving Grace", "The Closer", etc. and even TBS is doing it with some pretty lousy shows. (Is there a worse show than House of Payne out there?)

A lot of these cable channels are buying programs that the networks wouldn't touch. Like "Monk", which was turned down by a couple of major networks. Now it's a huge hit on USA. And most of the best shows are on pay cable now - "Weeds", "Dexter", and older shows like "Sopranos", "Six Feet Under" and "Curb your Enthusiasm".

Anyway, the AMC show - "Mad Men" - is about salesmen from the early 60's and it's a great commentary on the social landscape of America, corporate America, relationships - how much things have changed, and how much they've stayed the same. Well worth watching. I think you can watch it "On Demand" if you have Comcast, or you can Netflix their first season.

Network TV has become too driven by reality shows. I watch The Office and 30 Rock, but other than that...I can't name any network shows that are must-sees for me.

Vicki said...

Well I can't "bitch" to much about House Of Payne since it has fed us many a night LOL. But it is not the best. Isn't that the show Steve writes for??? OHHHH I am telling on you LOL

I knew HBO did a lot of them since Lop watches so many on there. But really other than "The Starter Wife" on USA and "Army Wives" on LifeTime I had no clue others did them.

I can not believe as much as I love the one guy, whose name I can never remember but he did The 40 Year Old Virgin, that I haven't watched The Office. I am sure I would like it. But as sad as this is.. I am such the drama girl and if your show is less than an hour I just don't have the time for it. I say that because if I don't like the next one behind it then I have to sit and scroll channels to find something to watch for 30 minutes. So all the ABC drama have caught me. About the only channel I watch anymore.

I agree with the reality, which cracks me up that they even call it that, because lets face it folks it is so scripted it is not even funny. But it is getting to be way way old!!!