Friday, September 12, 2008

Ok so I have to say this

me and my friends went to go see "The Women" today. I just had to. the previews for it were to good to pass up. So like the commercial said I grabbed my friends and we went. I LOVED the movie. I am over the reviews by men. I think they just did NOT "get it". It is a girl thing for sure. But the one thing, and I admit it took me 95% thru the movie to notice it, was there was not ONE guy in the entire movie. Not just talking about talking scenes but not even walking in the back ground. NOT ONE GUY!! That amazed me and it was done so well. So if your a girl I say grab your friends, find the money, and get your butts to the theater. OMG you will NOT be sorry!!! On a funny note there was one man in there that was all by himself. I was thinking hmmmmm wonder what that is about!!! LOL


Tommy said...

I felt the same way when I saw "Goodfellas".

Vicki said...

i actually saw that and loved that

joanne said...

I know you're going to scream at me but I'll wait for the DVD. Besides costing a small fortune to actually go to the theater anymore I don't enjoy being crammed into a sticky seat (not to mention the floor ugh)with strangers who ultimatelty annoy the hell out of me.