Sunday, September 14, 2008

My greatest question ever presented

Ok so I am actually saying this on paper per say. Maybe it is because when written and in front of you, you actually have to deal with it and not just put it to the back of your mind. So I found out that my oldest son is actually smoking pot!! I know the horror of it all right? Ok well, here is my problem... I know it is wrong, so wrong and I know it can lead to bigger and even more wrong drugs. BUT (isn't there always a but??) I am one who smoked pot. Yes i did, I know big shocker for some of you LMFAO!! But I did. And actually I went through that phase of life and I stopped doing it. Maybe it is because I didn't like it to begin with, well actually it was because I never had a hangover until I stopped smoking it. And I actually didn't like having a hangover, therefore more pot smoking LOL. Anyway... ( I so hate the words I digress LOL) So how do I deal with this without being hypocritical?? I did it and he knows I did. I am not one to lie to my children or let them think I am this great perfect mom ( I know I really am LOL but they won't buy it hahahaha) but now that it is in front of me like this I am at a loss for words. I wish some great inspirational words would come to me, but I am not Tommy Houseworth and my mind doesn't work like a writers. I can not let it just go and I have tried to "talk" about it but it seems all I can do is scream and that gets us nowhere because he looks at me like what the hell mom you did it and you turned out ok!! Well I am not so sure about the OK part ;O).... anyway... anyone out there is cyber land have any great ways of dealing with this???


Tommy said...

no fancy writers' words to offer, Vick. Just sorry it's happening. I guess what I'd say is that just because you did something and turned out ok doesn't mean it was the best choice, and acknowledging w/ him might give ya some leverage.

What I mean is, the "I never did it" argument won't work, and the "I did it, but I turned out ok" argument just gives him fuel to keep going, so the "I did it, but wish now i hadn't" approach is your most sincere offering.

I'm sure there's info you can gather off the Net to print up and show him how it kills brain cells, leaves you zoned out, saps your motivation, and can gateway you to harder stuff. That might not connect with him, but if you can gather objective evidence that it's 'not worth it', that might help.

Good luck - I want to have my kids frozen before they become teens!

Anonymous said...

That's not being hypocritical, Vicki, if you've done it but still tell him it's wrong. I know you really know that-so don't feel guilty about telling him!! And I'm sure he knows that too! I've done things in the past that are wrong but I will still teach my children that they are wrong. (sad that there are sooo many things that fall into that catagory for me)
Can you tell him what God's Word says--or in this time of his life would that not make a difference? About obeying the laws of the land--how it is illegal. Or remind him--if you break the law you may have to face the consequences-so be prepared to do that. Maybe that's the only thing that would scare him a little. It seems when people are young, the health reasons don't worry them as much because they feel kind of immortal.
I don't know--just tell him the truth and he will make his choices.

Maybe you can tell him half of all munchies are yours! (not funny I know--you know I had to say one(?) dumb thing.