Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I am so OVER

our school bus system. We had a problem with our school bus driver. My kids came flying, and I mean flying, into our house on Friday afternoon telling us that the bus driver had told 2 little girls that they where smart asses. And yes that is the EXACT words he used. Now mind you this is NOT a high school bus but an elementary school bus. Then he told them "I need to round all of you up and shoot you!" Okay and OMG who says that to kids. Again this is elementary school. Let's just give these kids nightmares thinking the bus driver is going to kill them. The neighborhood was OUTRAGED to say the least. Now here in this county (can't speak for other's) the school will tell you they have no jurisdiction over the buses! WHAT??? OMG I put my kids on one of YOUR buses and you have no say in who drives them??? So anyway we ALL call the bus people and they say "We can't fire him until we conduct an investigation!" Again WHAT????? Now if anyone of our kids had said something like that they would have been kicked off the bus, expelled from school and we would have had a cop at our door so fast it wouldn't even be funny!! GUARANTEED this would have been done BEFORE any investigation was conducted!!! Okay so they put a supervisor on the bus with this man. Now how STUPID is that. Let's think about this... we have all worked at some point... when the supervisor is around we are ALL on our best behavior!! When he/she is gone we go back to doing whatever we where doing when they are not around. Come on how freaking idiotic is that? As soon as she isn't on there anymore he will go right back to doing what he did and saying whatever the hell he feels like. This is there idea of investigating it?? OMG how crazy is that? Now mind you not ONE parent has been called! Not ONE student has been asked about it. And mind you, because I forgot to mention it earlier EVERY last one of them had the SAME story. This is OUT of control.

So anyway, one of the VP's at the school had so many parents calling and pulling there kids off the bus it was crazy. Our neighborhood bonded together to work out how to get them back and forth to school without having to be on the bus. This alerted her that something was very wrong with this. So she, just out of curiosity, had all the 4th and 5th grade student write a letter stating what had happened last Friday on the bus. And what do you know they ALL HAD THE EXACT SAME STORY. There was NO variation to it at all. This floored her because kids always have different stories about the way things happened. NOT the case here at all. they where ALL the same. Needless to say she was outraged. So she called the bus people and told them to get that bus driver the hell off our route and he was NEVER to drive for RD Head again. that she was calling the police and reporting him.

How sad is it that a VP had to do the work for the bus people because they did NOTHING!!! He would still have a job if she had not taken the time to listen to the kids and what they had to say!!!

I am still outraged by this and think I might still call the news people because this is just not right that kids are NOT listened to.


joanne said...

The bus company surprises me, why would they want that man driving for them, representing their company? Maybe he's a relative or something. Are you sure they fired him and didn't just stick him on another route? I would still contact the media. Most news stations have a place on their web site where you can tell them about things like this happening in your neighborhood. I say go for it!

Vicki said...

Yes I am sure he has been fired. They rode home today because I couldn't get them and he was NOT on there. I looked on there web site and nothing. but maybe i need to give you the web site cause if it is there you will find it LOL.