Tuesday, February 5, 2008

so on my bored moments

I know imagine a mom of 4 kids being bored. your probably shuttering at the thought of that LOL. I love to search the blogs through here. and the things that i have learned when i go on these little ventures is:

1. I have no clue why I always end up at the ones that are in another language
2. that i seriously need to learn new languages and how to read them (you never know when someone is talking about you and you don't know it ;O) )
3. there are some ummm "interesting" people out there
4. people will say and do anything on a blog (i know that was a real shocker LOL)
5. why does google think i know how to read blogs with symbols
6. are you serious when you posted that picture of yourself?
7. maybe i need to go play some more pogo cause i don't spend enough time on that site as is
8. that i desperately need a life and my husband to make it
9. who blogs about Ashley Tiesdale and those other High School Musical people. maybe they are the ones who need the life LOL
10. that my kids really do need me to make them dinner

1 comment:

joanne said...

OMG you were bored weren't you? LOL I can identify with several of your 'thoughts' hahaha especially the websites in foreign languages and with symbols...huh??