Tuesday, April 1, 2008


So I was gone all last week to see my mom. Have not been to see her is about 2 years. I know that is sad but very true. Boy it is hard when you parents start getting old. Ok she is old but I mean looking old. Was hard for me to deal with. Guess as kids we don't want to see our parents age. But how do you tell your parents they need Miracle Ear? OMG her TV was so loud I thought at times it would break my ear drums. And I always felt like I was screaming and not actually talking. She for sure needs a hearing aid but no clue how to even approach the subject without hurting her feelings. Any ideas out there?


Tommy said...

My parents are in their 80's, Vick, and live ten minutes away, so I know what you mean about watching them grow old. It's tough.

No matter how they try to avoid it, they know they are growing old - I would gently encourage a 'quality of life' improvement with the hearing aids. My dad finally got some, b/c he couldn't hear the grandkids clearly. It was the kids that finally pushed him into getting them. So, maybe your kids might be an impetus?

Vicki said...

Well, and I know this might sound mean, but my mom rarely sees my children. I can not even tell you the last time my mother came to see them it has been that long. Very sad but very true and I could write an entire book about it.

The thing is when you try and suggest it to my mom she says she can hear fine. It is sad to watch because you can be standing right next to her and say something and she can't hear. Which in turn worries me when she is driving.

joanne said...

Seeing your parents age is truly scary. My parents are in their 60's, dad will be 70 this year, he's already had a major heart attack and found out today he has to have a heart catherization next week with a possible angioplasy or worse case scenario bypass surgery. My parents are still very active, my mom can't sit still even if she wanted to. My dad golfs, rides his bike, does yard work. But the health problems they have had creep up is scary and makes you realize they are not as young as they used to be and won't be with us as long as we'd like them to be.

Tommy said...

What's weird is I'm 40 and I have parents old enough to be my grandparents (83 and 82). They are in excellent health for their age, but ya gotta wonder when the more escalating deterioration will happen.
SOmetimes I forget how old they are, because they don't behave like 80-somethings.

Aging is scary. I plan to be frozen in a few years myself. Thaw me out when Jodie Foster gets tired of women and is ready for some red-headed lovin'!

Anonymous said...

My Mom is in her 80's--and always reasonably healthy--but she has pretty bad osteoperosis. It is hard to watch your parents age. And lately my Mom's memory is noticeably worse. She mentioned it herslef-she is not ignorant of the fact. But if your Mom is not acknowledging it-I don't know-maybe you could look at her and move your lips and she'd realize she can't hear very well--OK not really funny. (I used to do that to my roommate when she was blow drying her hair.......)
It probably would help to point out whe'd have a better quality of life.