Tuesday, April 22, 2008

When one of your fears comes true

I admit to occasionally leaving the house in my pajama's to pick my son up or grab something to eat at a drive-thru, stuff like that, nothing where I ever have to get out of the car and risk being seen. When I do this I always make a silent wish that I won't break down, get pulled or or have an accident. My luck ran out after picking my son up from karate one night recently when I was broadsided by a little old lady whose glasses had to be 5-inches thick. After she hit me I pulled into the 7-11 to survey the damage. The parking lot was lit up like it was the middle of the day and there I am in my pajama's in the middle of the 7-11 parking lot looking like a bag lady. Then the little old lady had the nerve to ask me where I came from!! Ummm sweetie you hit me broadside, you were coming at me like a misile how did you not see me? Then she said she must have a blind spot. I'll say you do!! Your whole windshield is a blind spot obviously! Luckily the damage was very minor, we exchanged our insurance info and went on our way.

I'll probably still go out in my pajama's from time to time lol


Vicki said...

lmfao. i so swear i am surprised it happened to you and not me since i am so famous for doing this ALL the time

joanne said...

It had to happen to one of us sooner or later lol you're turn is coming