Sunday, April 27, 2008

"Would you eat this?"

Well I already know Tommy's answer because let's face it LOL he will eat anything. I can not do fish of any kind (unless it is a shell fish like crab or lobster) so knowing this had salmon made it even worse. I will not mention what the crap she has on this looks like to me LOL. Especially the little bubble thing at the bottom left side ;O)

What to do with Those Leftovers...Goat Cheese and Salmon Risotto


joanne said...

It's got those slug looking things they call mushrooms in it, I automatically say ewww to that!

Vicki said...

Now mushrooms I will disagree with you all day long about. Yummmmmy to those. :O)

Tommy said...

Yes to mushrooms, no to salmon (at least that particular serving of salmon), no to those little green peas, maybe to the risotto/rice stuff.

But whatever it's cooked in has an eerie glaze to it - I'm gonna have to say 'no' this time. I know that breaks my track record, but there are too many disqualifying ingredients.