Saturday, May 3, 2008

Across The Universe

There are few and far between movies that really catch me these days but I have to rave about this one. It is actually funny because you have to know I am so NOT the Beatles fan but seriously this was one awesome movie. Maybe it was because they weren't the ones actually singing the songs, who knows but it was so GREAT!!! If you have not seen it I recommend it highly! Of course you have to like musicals but if you do you will love this one. I say that even if you are like me and not a huge fan of the Beatles.


Tommy said...

As an avid Beatles fan, I want to see it. I know Joe Cocker does "Come Together" and Bono does a couple of tunes. It's on our list - along with about 50 others.

Wow - no Beatles, no Bruce...tsk tsk... ;-)

Vicki said...

I know Tommy whatever am I thinking. Ok there are a few Beatles songs I like. Come Together is my most favorite but I like Aerosmiths version best ;O). And Lop was cracking up at me because I knew every word to just about every song. How I know them is beyond me. But I do.

You will love it Tommy I promise. Just a great movie. And the one chic that is singing and a main character, Lop says she is a blues singer for real,I want to know who she is cause damn she has an awesome Janis Joplin kind of voice. If you know her Tommy will you let me know who she is?

Tommy said...

I'll try to find out who she is. ANd, yes, "Come Together" is likely my fave Beatles tune, and the Aerosmith version is just as awesome as the Beatles' version.

You know all the words because the Beatles are/were inescapable to our generation - we grew up with them, even if we weren't fans. Luckily, I was and am. Maybe you are and don't know it.