Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What the hell?

Ok let me start by saying that I love and I mean LOVE Morgan Freeman. But what the hell has he been thinking lately with some of the roles he has been taking. I watched "The Feast Of Love" and then there was that other one and its name is/was so forgettable that I can not think of it but it was around some chic in a grocery store or something. I mean really he doesn't need the money. Maybe the script reads better than what actually gets on film. But seriously I am questioning why he is doing some of these roles. I have not seen the Bucket List. Wat to see it but after that last 2 that I have seen with him in it I am almost not wanting to.


Tommy said...

From what I heard "Bucket List" was pretty banal. In that case, Jack Nicholson and Morgan just wanted to work together, and Rob Reiner, who used to make good movies, was a friend also. But I heard it was pretty bad.
The other stuff - well, I guess he might want the chance to do some quick work on a flick and get a paycheck. I know he lives on a horse farm around Arkansas or Tennessee and lives a pretty simple life, so he's not building a mansion or anything. I think actors just get tugged into bad movies sometimes and the best thing they can do when it comes out is just hide and avoid promoting it, wait for it to pass, and make a better choice next time.

Another theory - my DeNiro theory - is that some actors are only happy when they are working, so as they get older, they take more mediocre stuff (see Deniro in "Rocky and Bullwinkle") because it keeps you in front of the cameras, doing your craft. Even if it's not very good material. Of course, maybe there aren't a lot of good roles for senior-aged African American men, so he takes what is available.

But, yeah, I'd have to go back a couple of years to recall a truly good Morgan Freeman film. And he's one of my faves too - I could watch "Shawshank" and "Unforgiven" all day long.

Vicki said...

I love Shawshank also. Now that was a GREAT movie. It just saddens me to think that he is doing such crap movies. If i like someone I just add them into my Netflix queue without even giving what it is about much thought. But I can tell you with his movies I will now be reading to see if it is even worth the bother. Gone with him are the days of saying "I never saw a Morgan Freeman movie I didn't like"

Funny I really like Jack Nicholson also. But when I see him my immediate thought is he looks to me what I would picture the devil to look like LOL. I know that is so wrong and maybe it comes from The Shining(which we watched with the kids and I laughed through it this time because with what they do with movies these days that was just so lame) but it is what I think every time I see him :O)