Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Ok because Tommy had a thing on his blog about not complaining I have been trying to restrain from doing it as much as I usually do LOL. But I am so OVER Netflix and all there site changes. They are beginning to piss me off now. I loved when I could click on new releases and it would list everything for that week that was coming out. Now they have this page where it make zero sense to me anymore. I am just glad that I go to movies.com and see what all is coming out and add it in before it releases. But I sometimes miss something and that part would put me back on track. Why do people keep messing with things that work? The saying goes if it isn't broke don't fix it!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR


Tommy said...

Hey, I've been the first one to complain about so much recently, I feel bad you've held yourself to a standard I proposed but couldn't even hold onto myself.

That said, Netflix is driving me nuts too, especially the way you can't get a categorized list of new releases any more! I don't want to know what they think the 'hot' new releases are, I want the entire list so I can choose my fave categories and have access to an entire list!

I might write 'em and say so. It's not complaining if you're genuinely voicing a concern that would make their site a better place for you to navigate around. Gonna drop 'em a note now, I think - do the same, maybe they'll receive a bunch and change things back...

Tommy said...

I just went to Netflix home page, scrolled to the bottom, clicked on "Contact Us", and one choice is "Suggestions". I emailed my concern to them there, kindly requesting they make the full new release page an option again for those of us who want 'the whole picture'. Please do the same!
In the meantime, I'll add Movies.com to my favorites list so I can check out what is coming out on there and then add them to my Netflix queue.

thanks, Vickie!

Vicki said...

As bad as this sounds I am glad someone else hates the new site. It just drives me crazy. I really liked pulling up new releases and then the releasing this week thing so I could see if I had missed anything.

Glad you found a way around the "not complaining thing" I am going to write to them about it also. I actually thought about calling them but that seems to be nowhere to be found anymore either. Got to love customer service these days!

Vicki said...

Just did it also Tommy. Hopefully more people have also. My sister was bitching about it also so I will tell her to send them an email and see if it works.

You will love movies.com. You have to click on new and upcoming. then off to the side they have all movies releasing for this month and 2 months out. I like it because you can read what the movie is about, whose in it etc... Plus there are so many great movies I would have missed, independents especially if it was not for this site. Since they next to never ad on TV for those. Plus they add into your queue so you don't see something and go shit I forgot about that movie! And since Netflix made things so damn hard this helps things a bit

Anonymous said...

So-is that why you haven't been posting lately, Vicki--because you were trying not to complain? I thought you were being rather quiet lol

;) Deb

Vicki said...

hahahaha!!! Now that was funny. Actually been slammed busy and since it has been so nice it requires laying out in the sun ;O)

But yes I have been trying. There is something with a bracelet but I can;t remember the whole thing. Just been trying to not complain. Can't say I have been well but at least I am trying lol