Friday, May 16, 2008

I am not sure

what is going on with me lately and all the sudden loving country music. And much of it to Lop's dismay LOL. But hey Tommy he loves the Eagles right? Although we are both still trying to figure out how you even know that. Might be the company I have been keepin' LOL But this guy is off the chain funny and I love this song. I have to say that I am with him and being a girl I want a guy who is STILL a GUY

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Tommy said...

Brad Paisley is awesome, Vickie!

Check out the video to "Celebrity" and "Online" - both should be on YouTube.

"Alcohol" is a fave too - but go to YouTube or - if you can stand it - to - to see the original videos. They are terrific - funny and charming.

And Brad's a country singer but he's got rock/blues roots. And he can play the hell out of a guitar!

There's some good country music out there - you just have to dodge the crap to get to it. No different than any other musical genre, for that matter.