Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ohhh That fresh spring time air

There is nothing I like more than a spring or fall day. Just something about being outside and breathing fresh air (although some would disagree with me on it being fresh LOL). Laying out (and please no skin cancer lectures either cause I will argue you down in a sec with how much better my skin actually in in the summer than winter) seeing people finally looking healthy again with sun on there bodies, seeing your neighbors again, smelling the grills of people cooking outdoors, the smell of fresh cut grass, hearing the laughter of kids playing outdoors, swimming pools, all the great summer fruits (cause lets face it winter fruits have a lot to be desired and I am sorry but necturines, strawberries and watermelon are NOT good in the winter) picnics, the laser show, at least once at stone mountain, lemonade, corn on the cob, potato salad, windows open are just a few of y favorite things when this time of year hits. Now grant you come August in the south I will be bitching LOL about how I want it to be fall again. But for now I am enjoying what is around me and savoring every moment of it


Tommy said...

I'm with you, Vic. Warm breezes, watermelon, flip-flops, no jacket required, just a hint of sweat if you stay out too long - it's heaven.

Yes, come August, I'll be singing the virtues of November, but that's why I love Georgia. We actually have seasons - well defined seasons.

Yay for May!

Vicki said...

And if you take note Tommy I did 2 of your things. I stayed positive and I am savoring the moment.