Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I am not sure what is worse

what I post or what people actually post they are having for dinner. here are a few she had on there under her what are you having for dinner thing she does.

Last night we had quesadillas with -- get this -- Granny Smith Apples, sauerkraut and low fat cheddar. They were REALLY good.

OMG is she serious?? the sound of that combination makes my stomach want to heave

I found a recipe for sesame peanut butter noodles, and I'm going to use whole wheat udon.

Okay I like peanut butter but seriously peanut butter noodles? WTF? And after that I am not even sure I want to know what udon is.


joanne said...

Miss research queen here! I had to know what the hell udon was, it's a Japanese thick wheat based noodle soup.

The peanut butter noodles made me gag a little, ok a lot. I hope she didn't put the pb noodles in the ewwwdon.

Vicki said...

Ok now that makes it even sicker. what are they thinking when they do this?