Friday, June 20, 2008

This song

just makes me go way back and pretty much tells you what summers where like with us. the only difference is we were in TN and not MI


Tommy said...

Hope the Kid paid his royalties to the Zevon estate. I'd like to think he did...'cause that's some overt samplin'!

But I like the tune - mainly b/c of Warren's posthumous contribution, but also b/c I can take Kid Rock in small doses - especially when he's doing breezy tunes like this one.

Werewolves of...Michigan?

Vicki said...

Don't think he is dumb enough not to.

you know I was never a big Kidd Rock fan at all but lately he has been coming out with songs that I say OMG I actually like that Kidd rock song LOL.

The thing about this is the chorus is EXACTLY our summer when we where in high school. the only thing you would need to change is whiskey to gin or vodka LOL and there ya have it. I have had a couple of friends call and say "have you heard this new Kidd Rock song? Is that NOT so us when we where young" Sweet Home was ALWAYS the song of the summer. When i first heard I was like man did this guy grow up with us or what?

Ya lost me on the werewolves comment??? Probably not the right answer but he is saying Northern MI

joanne said...

This is a great summer song, I love it.

Tommy said...

The song that is sampled (the riff that drives the entire song) is Warren Zevon's "Werewolves of London", so I was playing off of that - "Werewolves of Michigan".

I'm sure he paid his royalties - he likely loved Zevon.

My summers were nothing like that, but I like the song. Sadly, I think Thomas Dolby would more aptly describe my teenage summers.

Vicki said...

you know it is funny because to me it is a combo of werewolves and sweet home thrown together. so maybe because of the he got away with it???