Thursday, June 5, 2008

Now part of this makes me so mad

Okay so he is losing his 10 million dollar home. I don't even care about that. You make close to 250 million in your career and you are an idiot and do heaven only knows what with it. That just makes me sick. BUT to not pay your child support makes me madder than hell. You had the children pay support for them. Just cause your Holyfield (or hell even Bobby Brown for that matter) does not give you the right not to pay for the children you helped birth. She didn't do it alone. I understand you have 10 kids, but frankly if you can't pay the support for them then you shouldn't have laid with the women to make the kid. Or hell have you ever heard of protection? These kinds of people piss me off.

A legal notice that appeared in a local newspaper shows his Fayette County estate is under foreclosure. The 104-room, 54,000-square-foot home worth an estimated $10 million is set to be auctioned by a bank on July 1.The mother of one of Holyfield's nine children says he has missed two child-support payments. Toi Irvin, who lives in Clayton County, filed a petition for contempt in Fayette County Superior Court on behalf of her 10-year-old son.Irvin says she was told by Holyfield's representatives not to expect the payment for May and June totaling $6,000."It wasn't so much that he didn't pay," Irvin's attorney, Randy Kessler told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "She was told they didn't know if she would be paid at all."The 45-year-old Holyfield has declined comment on the child-support allegations and the foreclosure.Holyfield last fought on Oct. 13, 2007. He has been trying to secure another heavyweight championship.

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joanne said...

As a single mother who rarely gets child support myself this outrages me!