Friday, November 28, 2008


So late last night I was watching VH1's storytellers and they had Kid Rock on there. I tell you after watching that I have a new respect for him. Not really sure what it is he said that turned me around but he is funny and as he says "I am real and I say things that other people are thinking but are afraid to say" and that is so the truth. He is a lot smarter than I thought he was. Just a great guy all around.

Tommy--- and interesting music thing was mentioned. You know how on his "All Summer Long" song you said something about having to pay for the Werewolves Of London... well actually he has to pay for the Sweet Home Alabama also. He broke it down and it is actually, what he called a "run" on both songs. Meaning he started the song and you could hear the Werewolves part and then he put the Alabama on top of it. If you actually listen to both of them separate they sound the same. Not sure if I am explaining this right but you could hear it so well when he did it on that show. He was talking about how when rappers and hip hop people do it they use the words to whatever song they are running over. But he decided to do it with a whole new song. I hope this makes sense and if not you might want to look for "Storytellers" on VH1 and listen to how he explains it better.


joanne said...

I love Kid, I've always thought he as real and pretty cool. I'd like to see that episode.

Tommy said...

That makes sense. He sorta sampled both tunes and overlapped them. They do have alarmingly similar riffs. I'd not noticed it - in fact, Wendy and I had a hard time discerning whether it was "Werewolves" or "Alabama". Turns out it was both.

he seems like a pretty cool guy. I didn't like him when he started out - the whole 'perform with a midget and sing about my big **%^ thing made him just seem like a poser. But, he really legitimized himself and has proven he has a wide range and a great appreciation for a lot of genres. More power to him.

Vicki said...

You know it was funny because until you said something about Werewolves I never even thought about it. Then I listened to it again and went, well maybe he is right. He also mentioned a Steve Miller song that sounds a lot like it also but for the life of me I can't remember what one it was.

I hated him also. In fact when he did So Hot I was like I can't believe I actually like a Kid Rock song. But this last album is great. And I have a new respect for him since watching that show. I do think he is still a sick freak LOL in some ways, but that would be with all the Pam stuff.