Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Where's Willy?

These flyer's are in all the elevators in my office building:

Where's Willy? Have you seen Willy? He is very friendly and affectionate, last seen wearing a pink rhinestone collar..

OK just reaching here but HE probably ran away because his owner made HIM wear a pink rhinestone collar lol!


Vicki said...

Joanne, the where is willy thing is actually a game. I think I actually got that for my kids for Christmas. It might not have been the exact one (I know it is downstairs and I cant remember surprise surprise LOL) So they probably have him placed somewhere in your office

joanne said...

No it's for real, several people have seen the cat in the picture on the flyer in our parking lot. And there is a person's name and cell # on the flyer to call if you find him.

Vicki said...

Ok well you failed to mention LOL that it was a real cat in your post goober. But there is a game because we have it LOL

joanne said...

That's funny, never heard of or seen the game. Is it like Where's Waldo lol?