Friday, February 27, 2009

And it NEVER ends

So i wake up this morning to my computer being completely wiped out AGAIN. I am so the hell over my kids. I have NO idea what they are getting on that does it but I am OVER it


Tommy said...

What do you mean, exactly? All your documents, info on hard drive, etc??

Do you have any kind of virus protection or a filter (that keeps kids off certain site)?

Vicki said...

Almost all of them Tommy. All my Fave's are gone and all the stuff I had in email folders. Thank GOD I had backed up all my stuff into this new thing Norton had because that is what restored all my other files and such. That is something new they offered. But there are some things I lost because I had no clue what that really did or how it worked (yes I am stupid about such things)and it kept telling me to buy new storage and I ignored it. But now that I know I will be buying some more of it. It saved my life on somethings that I had to have. But yes so much was lost. And yes I do have Norton as virus protection and 3 firewall's etc. Not sure which one did what, but my guess is Kendrick. I tell him to not load crap like frostwire on the comp and when I am not around he does it anyway. I think that is what did it. hidden viruses. who knows... this is an every 2 year event for us