Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My ever confusing words

I am really beginning to think that maybe I should be going back to high school. Preferable in the north because I obviously did not learn a damn thing in the south. But this is my which is right this time. It is with the words yea and yeah. When I see yeah to me I would use it in a sentence like: Yeah we went to the store. When I see yea I would use it in a sentence like: Yea we won the game. (as in excitement) Now my good english folk am I not right on this one???


joanne said...

I agree with you on your use of 'yeah' but yea is the same to me as yeah. If I'm using the word in exclaim excitement I spell it Yay.

Vicki said...

Hmmmm wonder what the "real" way is LOL

Tommy said...

I echo what Joanne said:

"Yay!" is 'go team'

"Yeah" is slang for "Yes"

"Yea" is not a word to me, but if I were to interpret it, I'd say "Yea" is used more as "Yay", but reads more like "Yeah" to me.

Vicki said...

Maybe I need to look it up in the dictionary LOL

Anonymous said...

I think yea is for yes as in a vote, pronounced ya long a.
And yeah doesn't have the long a, right?


Tommy said...

What Deb said.