Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I love

having boys. I so swear you never know in my house what is going to come out of there mouths. The conversation went like this:

Caleb: Mom you know when we were watching "That 70's Show" with you last night we knew what she meant when she told Fez his one hand was stronger than the ohter

Me: and what did she mean

Caleb: come on mom you know

Me: whacking the weenie? LOL

Preston: OMG mom

Me: I said well you will probably be doing it one day

Preston: so how do you know we don't already do it? and we don't call it that MOM we call it beating the meat.

Me: laughing till tears came down.

I swear it is just to funny


joanne said...

Lmao boys are fun aren't they (sarcastic)...my man child just recently told me he's a boob man. That I didn't need to know!

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