Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I am SOOOOOOO not ready for this

So we go out this weekend for dinner. We are sitting in the restaurant eating and Maddie starts telling us all about her sex-ed class she had that day. This is an one time event that they do in the 5th grade. So anyway she starts to tell us that she will get her period and when she does she will also get pubic hair and such LOL. Then she starts telling us that she needs to wrap her pads cause they will stink again OMG and LOL. She then starts to tell me that after she raps them in toilet paper that she needs to put them in the tank. Ok now can you even imagine that? I had these visions of her starting.. doing that with the pads.. and then the boys flushing the toilet and there being blood pouring into the toilet. They would be freaking out LOL. I had to explain to her that they where talking about a public bathroom and they you where supposed to put them in the little trash can thiny they have on the wall. LOL. So then Preston starts in and tells us that he knows all about sex and he knows the "hot dog goes into the doughnut hole"OMG I cracked the hell up on that one!! I will never look at a hot dog and doughnut the same again LOL. Again I am SOOOOOOOO not ready for this!!!!!

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joanne said...

OMG now that is classic! LMAO!!! You never know what is going to come out of a kids mouth do you? When Josh and his friend were talking about lesbian sex and it being "awesome!" I thought I would die!