Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New York Governor Spitzer Resigns Amid Sex Scandal

Saying, "I sincerely apologize," New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer announced his resignation during a brief statement delivered Wednesday morning from his downtown Manhattan office. His stepping down comes in the wake of his being linked to a prostitution ring. "I am deeply sorry I did not live up to what was expected of me," said Spitzer, referring to his "private failings" for which, he also said, "I've begun to atone." The announcement (see video of the statement below) follows a stunning two days of revelations about Spitzer's personal activities. At a press conference Monday with his wife, Silda, at his side (as she was for Wednesday's announcement), Spitzer said: "I have acted in a way that violates my obligations to my family and violates my – or any – sense of right and wrong." He added, "I apologize to the public, whom I promised better."The resignation effectively ends Spitzer's political career just 16 months after he was elected New York's Democratic governor by a wide margin. With Spitzer out of office, New York's state constitution calls for his job to pass to his lieutenant governor and running mate, Lt. Gov. David A. Paterson, 53, a legally blind former legislator. Paterson, whom the Wall Street Journal described as being "as widely liked as Mr. Spitzer is controversial," also becomes the Empire State's first African-American governor. The transfer of power will take place on Monday, Spitzer said, as he also announced that this was the desire of Paterson.

Hmmm another Democrat caught in a sex scandal, imagine that!! Just had to say that because of our former Democrat loving friends who shall remain nameless.


Tommy said...

Yeah, the Dems certainly love the women. Unfortunately for the other side, those GOP men seem to love

So, it cuts both ways, to be fair.

joanne said...

You're right Tommy it does go both way. I just couldn't resist because our former friends were such die hard Dems who think any Dem can do no wrong. I vote for who I think is the best candidate based on where they stand on the issues that are important to me, regardless of party. They would rather walk through broken glass than vote for a Republican. And let me tell you the Dems in office in our state (the former friends and I live in the same state)have done a terrible job. The outgoing Republican Gov left office with a nice surplus in the budget. In less than one term the current Dem Gov has gotten us into a $1 billion dollar deficit, raised our state tax, gas tax, cigarette tax, snack tax and numerous other taxes, and our electricity rates have almost tripled. Yeah good job.

Vicki said...

Tommy, the people she is talking about are the same ones i told you about awhile ago!!!

Tommy said...

Oh yeah, now I remember. Vick told me about these rather frothing-at-the-mouth folks. I tell ya, nothing does us 'moderate Dems' more harm than the extremists! And I would vote for Senator McCain in a heartbeat if Obama isn't still in the running come November.

I agree - vote for the person and their platform, not the party. Heck, both parties have changed so drastically in the last forty years (since I was born), I bet some seniors don't even recognize them anymore. The Democratic party of JFK/RFK is long gone, as is the Republican Party of Truman/Eisenhower. My hope is that Obama and McCain are a return to a hint of those days and something new and revitalizing as well.

As for your former friends who shoved their dogma down your throats - just remember the fanatics exist on the fringe of both sides to remind us why being reasonable and pragmatic is so important.

Viva la open-mindedness!

Vicki said...

You what I find even more amusing?? Is that ABC and NBC NEVER said in there broadcasts that he was a DEMO. Funny if he had been a REP they would have been ALL over that

Anonymous said...

So--what do you think about the wives having to stand by their side when they make their public apology? If they choose to, that is one thing--but if it is expected of them, or encouraged to show they are standing by their husband-I am thinking I don't think that is right. Their world-as they know it-is falling apart and they have to stoically stand there. I think the man should have to be a man and stand there by himself, in his shame, and face it alone. I'm sure she is in shock-why should she have to stand there.

Anonymous said...

Deb (forgot to sign :) )

Tommy said...

The wives have to stand there completely humiliated. It's really sad. I agree - let the guy take the body blows alone.

Jon Stewart pointed that out, showing clip after clip on The Daily Show of shamed politicians making public statements with their wives chewing their lips while holding the hubby's hand.

I think they should have to stand up there with the hooker/call girl/mistress instead. Somethign like this:

"I feel it is time to step down, and Bambi here agrees. Now, if you'll excuse us, she and I are gonna go have grudge sex until I am taken to Leavenworth and learn what it's like to be on the other side of the sexual equation. Somehow, I doubt your prayers are with me..."

Vicki said...

Tommy, all I can say is I am so grateful to have you as a friend. God knows you keep me in stitches (and to think you are ever so shy!) and have the wicked humor I long for. Cause that statement about Bambi? Okay now that was hilarious!!!

But I agree and they where talking about that on Bill O'Reilly last night. He was saying how wrong it was to make a wife stand there. I think it is flat out awful. I even felt sorry for Hillary having to do that with Bill. it is so wrong to make them do that. And from what I understand they are "made" to do it. It is his shame not hers. Let me tell you.. if Lop ever did something like that I would be like screw you i am the hell outta here!! You figure it out and deal with it. I am not going on stage with you anywhere and looking like these women look. My heart breaks for them

Tommy said...

That's why I appreciate Lop standing by me in my moment of shame.

Oh wait...that was on the down low.


Sorry, Lop.