Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Now this is funny as can be

Ok I so can NOT get on the Global Warming ban wagon. I think it is a load of crap that Al Gore came up with. So when a friend posted this somewhere and told me to watch it I had to post cause it is off the chain funny and so damn true!!!


Tommy said...

Well, I love satire, no matter who the target is, but I think there's some truth to global warming. Is it the crisis it's made out to be? Likely not, but is it actually happening? On some level, probably so.

But I'll take Al Gore's 'save the earth' spin over Ann Coulter's any day, when she said, and I quote, "It's in the Bible - God said, 'this planet is yours. Rape it, destroy it. You have domain."

Somehow I don't think Ann's Bible and mine are the same.

joanne said...

This was funny!! I think global warming is a natural occurrence of evolution. I'd like some global warming, I'm tired of being cold 6-7 months of the year.

Vicki said...

Well honey come live here with us cause OMG I want the cold!!!

It may be happening a bit but I don't think it is anywhere near the way some of these people make out

Anonymous said...

That video just amuses me-of course, being from MN part of the amusement is the weather aspect of it. Brrrrrrr And if it's not deer decoys (or does decoy only pertain to ducks?....) it's flamengos lol
Of course we are to be good stewards of the earth God gave us, but at the same time there does not need to be this call to fear over global warming-the earth will end when and in what way God says.
I'm sure Ann was just making a point in that special way of hers:) She amuses me, too--but that is probably a fault of mine.