Thursday, March 13, 2008

OH NO Not Mary Anne

Ok I am not posting the story about her cause we all know about it. Couple of funnies though.

1st one: Lop and I have actually met her a few times. When we were young pups LOL we worked at a dinner theater in Nashville. The dinner theater was going under and somehow the owner (who we all knew and loved because he was in there everyday and who by the way looked EXACTLY like Fred Flintstone and I am so not even kidding) got in touch with her and she was thinking of investing into it. The first time she came in you would have thought (insert your own person who you think is out of this world beautiful) came in. I mean I have never seen so many gay guys say they would go straight for this chic. I found that to be very amusing. And here I always thought "Ginger" was the one they where all "hot" for!! Guess I was WAY off on that LOL. Anyway she is/was a really nice person. We all had a blast talking with her. And who would have thought back then that there would be headlines of her being busted for pot??

2nd: And I know much to the dismay of my/our Demo friends LOL. I was watching the dreaded Bill O'Reilly (I know I know LOL and I love Hannity and Colmes also) and he had me cracking up last night when he asked if she got an AARP discount on weed. OMG now that was funny


Tommy said...

A few things:

1) Mary Ann was ALWAYS hotter than Ginger. Give us guys credit for some substance, will ya?

2) Rumor mill has it that Mary Ann would be more interested in Ginger than Gilligan, if you get my drift.

3) Bill O'Reilly? Really? He seems so grouchy. At least since they took his loofa away.

I actually liked Sean Hannity when he was on the air here - I did a benefit with him once - the lone Dem in a roomful of GOP'ers. He used to be a tad more open to civil debate than he is now. Again, anyone who praises Ann Coulter can't be completely unbiased. However, he used to be a tad more easygoing - when I listen to him, I get the sense that he secretly still is, but has to tow the Fox line. Colmes is just an embarrassment. Why did we get the wimpy pushover to represent the Dems? Err...I guess I just answered my own question. The Left needs a few more engaging media types - Colmes is a wuss and Michael Moore is too extreme.

I guess that's why my side's got Clooney, Bono, and Springsteen?

joanne said...

Mary Ann got busted for pot? Guess I'm out of the loop!

Vicki said...

I will give ya credit. But seriously I thought all guys loved Ginger. But have been informed by many, gay and straight, that Mary Ann was the one guys went for.

Wow never knew that about her. Might have to inform some people on that ;O)

Sorry but I love Billy!!! he makes me laugh so hard. Sean Hannity (well he is just so cute I want to hug him) he actually is a fun loving guy. i agree he has to be the major "Rep" rep for FOX. Okay you have me laughing so hard at the Colmes thing. he is so fugly it is scary and he is a wimp!!! I wish they would put someone in his place! Because I do agree they need someone with more of a backbone. But I still watch them just about every night.

Ann Coulter makes me laugh to. She is a bit off the wall. But did you know she actually endorsed Clinton? the night she did I was watching Hannity and Colmes and i was laughing so hard. In fact, the whole studio was in stitches. She really hates McCain. Anyway thought that was a funny also

Joanne... step away from the codeine!!! LMAO!!!

Tommy said...

I know about Ann 'endorsing' Hillary, but she's also openly pined for someone to murder Hillary, so I doubt her sincerity.

Sorry, I'll concede O'Reilly and Hannity, but Ann Coulter is just a vacuous hatemonger, and she'll aim her vitriol at anyone she can to get some press. Going after 9/11 widows? Calling all Dems 'godless'? Calling John Edwards gay?

She calls it satire, I call it pitiful.