Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bucket List

Ok so I watched the movie and I actually really liked it. Not as funny as I would have liked but I do like it none the less. I told Joanne that she and I are making our own. What an awesome idea. Never heard of it before but damn what a great idea. So do any of you have your own bucket list?


joanne said...

So what's the first thing on your list?

Tommy said...

I guess I should start one. Let's see - no particular order here.

1) Go to Ireland
2) Spend a month on a silent/meditation retreat
3) Kiss Sheryl Crow until her bodyguards pull me off
4) learn to play piano
5) write a novel
6) go out on the ocean on a boat for at least a week.
7) go on an extended whale watching voyage
8) See a game at Fenway Park
9) hang out with Bruce Springsteen for a day.
10) Watch my kids find the road to happiness.

Vicki said...

Mine right now would be this. BUT as Tommy said these are in no particular order and it can always be added to but not subtracted from (well according to the movie LOL)

1. Go to every amusement park in the USA and ride every coaster

2. Jump out of an airplane

3. go to Paris, Italy, Greece, England, Switzerland, Virgin Islands, and Bermuda

4. Learn to play the drums

5. Find the purpose I was even born

6. Spend one day with Anthony Hopkins

And that is all I can think of for the moment