Sunday, August 10, 2008

Can we say OMG

Okay whoever lied and said school was free needs to rethink that little statement for sure. Went school supply shopping and TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY dollars later they have there school supplies. And this is without new book bags. How insane is that???? I remember when I was in school all we needed was paper, folders and pencils. SERIOUSLY two hundred and fifty dollars is not even right!!! And this does NOT include school gym uniforms or anything of the sort. this is JUST for supplies. The other thing that pisses me off is all the stuff the teachers need for themselves. They get money for supplies and I know they have to go into there pockets for things BUT Office Depot and places like that also offer them a teacher discount on things. I would rather just give them some money and let them buy the supplies off the discount that they get and I don't!! Just my little complaint of the day


joanne said...

I know we talked about this the other night but what pisses me off is the stuff they put on the list that they NEVER use! I can't tell you how many index cards, dividers and things like that that go unused. And the kleenex, liquid soap and hand santizer, don't get me started.

Vicki said...

LOL I think mine always use what they are asked to buy. But still the crap they need is so over the top.