Friday, August 8, 2008

Bumper Sticker

I saw a bumper sticker this morning that reminded me of the people on TOB. It said "God Hates Republicans." Are you serious? I'll never understand people the equate every part of their lives to politics and the Republican vs. Democrat fight. And why bring God into it? I really doubt that God gives a crap which party you belong to. It's all very childish to me, some people need to get a life.


Vicki said...

Now that is crazy!!! It was probably on the car from the people at TOB!! I am sure they have one of those. Seriously that is so off the chain. I am with you and just can not see God sitting there saying "Gee you belonged to this or that party so your not getting into heaven" how stupid can people be

Tommy said...

My favorite bumpersticker is actually the anti-thesis of that. It reads: "God is not a Republican, or a Democrat".

On one hand, there are websites out there saying they truly believe Obama is the antiChrist, and is part of the oncoming apocalypse, and on the other, there are radical religious folks who feel that John McCain isn't 'evangelical' enough to lead our country.

It's scary out there. Get a helmet.

BTW, who/what is TOB?

joanne said...

Tommy, TOB is The Other Blog where are former friends post. They are political nut cases and extreme Dems. I wonder if they've gone into mourning over the John Edwards affair scandal lmao.

Vicki said...

Jo, they actually did. She had something on there about it.

Tommy, they are who I pull the nasty looking food from. She also has the food blog. And she is the one I was telling you about who was so over the top