Friday, October 31, 2008

Conversation With A 3-Year Old

My niece Avery called me last night and this is how it went:

Me: Hello?
Avi: Hi Joy Joy what doing?
Me: Hi honey, I'm deciding what cake to make for grandaddy's birthday party, do you think he'd like a golf ball cake?
Avi: Yeah he likes the golf
Me: What are you doing?
Avi: I picked a boogie
Me: You picked a boogie?
Avi: Uh huh I picked a boogie out of my nose
Me: What did you do with the boogie, did you put it in a tissue?
Avi: I ate it
Me: You ate it? You ate the boogie?
Avi: Yep I ated the boogie out of my nose
Me: Avi D what am I gonna do with you silly girl? Ummm and how did it taste?
Avi: It was good, do you like boogies?
Me: Can't say I do sweetie, they look kinda gross
Avi: You should try it, have you tried it?
Me: No I've never tried it
Avi: We can put boogies on granddaddy's birthday cake, he would like that
Me: You can make grandaddy his own 'special' cake how's that?
Avi: OK cause I have lots of boogies I can make a big cake
Me: Grandaddy would love that!! Tell your mommy you're going to make a special cake for him all by yourself
Avi: MOMMY!!!! I'm going to make grandaddy a special boogie cake just from me!!!!!
Me: What did mommy say?
Avi: She said not to tell grandaddy what the special ingredient is and I'm not allowed to call you anymore hahahha bye Joy Joy Willy Wonka is on bye!!
Me: Bye Avi D lmao


Vicki said...

remind me NEVER to eat at Beth's house when I come to see you LMFAO

joanne said...

Is it any wonder she's one of my favorites lmao?? That's my girl hahaha