Friday, October 24, 2008

Just Curious

Ok so all I hear these days is how FOX News is such the Rep. channel. Ok I will even go with you on that. But why the hell is everyone so up in arms over it when there are what 5000 Dem. channels out there? The pull for Obama is just plain out of control. It amazes me when Biden screws up they never talk about it until FOX brings it up. But let MCCain or Palin do anything, no matter how small and they are all over it. So McCain might have ONE channel pulling for him and people get upset? OMG this world really has gone mad. Makes me sad to see what my children are going to have to face


joanne said...

I'm with you! I hardly ever hear anything about Biden. But Palin is under constant scrutiny and it irritates me.

Tommy said...

All I ever hear is 'liberal media', so I don't think you only hear people ranting about Fox. Dems complain about Fox and talk radio, Republicans complain about CNN, NPR, and MSNBC.

Biden's been around for 29 years, Palin is brand new. Biden isn't that interesting a media story, Palin is. Obama has undergone intense scrutiny for everything from his heritage to his religion to the company he keeps, so Palin is a chance for those in the media who are pro-Obama to return the favor.

Neither side is truly objective. I sometimes wonder if it is possible to be so.

I know when I listen to NPR, I don't hear the bias some of my more conservative friends hear, and when I talking about Fox, many conservative friends don't hear bias there. I think we see our biases as the True North on the political compass.

That's my two cents, anyway.

Vicki said...

What is NPR? I have not a clue what that even is