Friday, October 24, 2008

Friends and Family???

Ok so for the past ummm 2 weeks or so I have been noticing that whenever I talk to friends or family (one in particular) That all I hear about is them them them. I have one person, Joanne, that I love to talk with because I make her talk and she lets me talk. We talk on the phone and email and it is the ONLY time it isn't about just one of us. Even if one of us is upset we still talk about each other lives. But it just seems with everyone else I end up sitting on the phone and end up doing other things and just saying uhhh huh every now and then. Is it just me? Or does anyone else get this also?


joanne said...

Omg I have several friends like that also. The conversation is always one sided and all I do is say uh uh, really? yes or no. These are the same people that never ask how you are or what is going on with you. That's why I love our talks and our 'date' nights we talk to each other instead of at each other. But I also care about what you have to say, some of the others I could care less about lol.

Tommy said...

People are extra stressed out these days and need an outlet. We're also, by nature, sorta me-monkeys.

I catch myself doing it. The trick is to be aware and catch yourself. I have a friend who says that the best way to have a conversation is to ask more questions than you give opinions/anecdotes, because it allows the other person to talk. I guess if other folks are always doing the talking, the best thing to do is to say, "I hope things get better for you, so next time I can share some things with you as well."

Diplomatic, but still a slap to their narcissistic ways.

I know someone like this and this person drives me nuts. Even when you change the subject to something, it always comes back to them and how it affects them.

Those people tend to have shorter and shorter conversations, because their friends find excuses to walk away, one by one. Maybe that's the wake-up call they need. No one to whine to.

Anonymous said...

Ok, enough about you Vicki, ..........


Vicki said...

You know Tommy, the thing is I think I would be walking away from so many people, family included.

I, like you Tommy, when I find myself feeling like I am talking to much about "me" will make sure I start asking the other person questions.

But still I am so over listening to all the "me, me, me".

joanne said...

Lmao at you 'making me talk' but you do don't you? I love you for that ♥♥♥♥♥