Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It is crap like this

that makes me want to throw the hell up. We have friends on both sides. We may not see eye to eye on things and you know what? It is all good because that is what makes us all different. But when I see crap like this it just makes me want to throw up. Get over it NOT EVERYONE thinks or acts like you. OMG and to think she is ever so serious. I know who posted this and it is this crap that made she and I not be friends anymore. I mean grow the hell up!!! The following is her post NOT mine:

Seriously...This is beyond ridiculous at this point! I've had people argue with me for years that Republicans are not racist, that they are kind, God fearing individuals who wouldn't hurt a fly. I'm going to say it again, no they aren't! The racism is there and it's blatant. The hate is there...It's blatant too. The shear meanness is there as well and if you support the Republican party then that is you too. This is what you are voting for. Their answer for everything is violence. Don't agree with them? That's ok they'll pull out their guns and just shoot you. Or better yet they'll just beat the hell out of you, because you know talking is over rated in their minds. Sick!


joanne said...

Omg this is the crap I miss about their stupid ass blog. Just the crazy stuff they would come out with. Ok only Republicans are violent and racist? Because there has never been a racists who was a Dem or someone who committed a violent act that was Dem? Nobody ever owned a gun that was Dem? They remind me of people in those psycho cults who are brainwashed, kinda like those loopy Scientologists. Where the hell do they come up with this stuff? I have to say I have missed this lmfao. They get more and more ridiculous with every election, it's hysterical

Anonymous said...

Well-at least they didn't (the people in the article she posted about) bomb anyone

Too bad I'm banned or I could comment. lol


joanne said...

Oh Deb how I wish you hadn't gotten yourself banned over there lmao!! But it was hilarious anyway and worth it!

Vic why didn't we TP them and plaster their yard with Bush signs when we had the chance lol?

Tommy said...

I've heard Vick talk about this woman and I'm sorry she's out there on the fringe making us level-headed Dems look bad.

I will say, over the past month, I've received rather hateful forwards of emails about Senator Obama. One claiming he plans to ban the Star Spangled Banner and replace it with "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" as our national anthem. That in and of itself is ridiculous, but the hateful commentary about him that accompanied it was beneath contempt.
The second was purportedly from a Christian who wanted to let people know that Obama is, yes, planning to overthrow our government with a race riot and is in touch, daily, with Middle Eastern terrorists who he is helping with their jihad once he's in office.

When I guided the sender of these emails to www.snopes.com to show them their forwarded tales were proven untrue, she came after me with vitriol and anger.

The hate is out there, but it comes from both sides. And the ridiculous accusations come from both sides as well. Neither party is pure and just.

The place to start a healthy discussion is where the two sides differ on issues, not on stereotypes of 'racist' Republicans and 'elitist' Democrats. Most of us are in the middle, and just have to choose who we think most stands for our values. WHat escalates the ugliness is when folks like the one highlighted here chooses to speak from misguided emotions.

Please know for every loony lib like this one, there are a hundred middle-of-the-road Dems who don't believe in handouts, hatred, or hyperbole. I know that for every closed-minded Republican I read about, there are 100 warm, kind, and open-minded Repubs that speak with more dignity than their loose-lipped counterparts.

In the meantime, let's hunt down this former friend of yours, and someone bring a roll of duct tape.

Vicki said...

The thing about this is it was written because of something she read. Now what makes me laugh about that is she is forever screaming DO NOT believe everything you read, but yet here we sit reading her go off about something she read!!

Yes there are crazy people on BOTH sides. I will not even begin to argue that at all. And like you Tommy I look on snopes to see if anything is even remotely true before passing it along.

But please all don't let my husband know I am a racist LOL. No really I have been know to vote both ways. Like you Tommy I am in the middle somewhere. But as I stated earlier I am not even voting this time because I can not stand either one of them.

I am also for finding where she moved to and TPing, egging and throwing every McCain Palin sign I can find in her yard. Just because I think it would be damn funny and Just because I CAN!!

Tommy said...

Maybe she and Palin can secede from the US together.

Tommy said...

Though the shouts of 'kill him', 'terrorist', 'treason', and 'off with his head' aimed at Obama at recent McCain rallies scare the crap out of me. Are people out there really that angry? And that filled with hate?