Thursday, January 8, 2009

Are they serious?

Ok so here we go again... MSN is my homepage and I pull my most news from there. Ok well the headlines anyway LOL. But today they had this thing about Oprah and her opening up about her weight! Seriously now she talks about this ALL the time. This is not anything new with her. I do feel for her with it, because it can and will always be a struggle for me. But come on this is not anything she hasn't "opened" up with before. You have to know I can NOT stand this women. She is so superficial and just plain sad to me. I am so sick of hearing about her.


Tommy said...

I like Oprah better than you, apparently, but do agree that this should not be dominating the headlines. Larry King actually had three of Oprah's FT employees on this week - her trainer, her nutritionist, and some other guy - and they were talking about how to heal her as if it were a national crisis.

In a world full of flawed public role models, I at least give her credit for trying to be a positive one, but yes, I wonder if beneath the 'every woman' surface, she's not either a train wreck or a egomaniac. I hope not, but imagine it's hard to reach such a level of fame without getting seriously messed up.

I wish her well, but don't care to hear how she loses weight.

Vicki said...

It would be different Tommy if this were the first time we heard about it. But really think about it they talk about it and her EVERY year and frankly I am sick to death of hearing about it.

Not sure if you knew or not but Lop went to school with her. College that is, and its the stories that he has told me about her that are part of my dislike, her go with the religion of the "moment" and just so many other things about her. Now I do know she has done some great things for people.And I do respect her for that

Tommy said...

My moment of 'oh, come on' was when she broke down crying and admitted she was once a crack user. This was years ago, but I thought, "Really???? When was this?" because as i understand it, it's only been around since she's been in the public eye. Can't see her maintaining her grueling schedule and her health regiment while doing vials of $20 crack. But, ya never know.

Don't get me wrong, I think she's overhyped, but I always hope she's somewhat authentic.

And yes, her weight yo-yo is as overblown as Brad/Angelina.

joanne said...

She used to use crack? How did I miss that? Why does she have to make a big declaration about every issue in her life? Her weight, her drug use, being molested...why do celebrities put all their business out there for everyone to know?