Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year, New thoughts

Every year on New Years Eve or day i like to sit and think about the year that had gone by. Part of me likes having my birthday so close to the end because i can also reflect on that. This past year was overall a good year. Had some crazy ass fun times, had some very hard times (still trying to figure out if we should actually stay married or not), watched my son enter into the "drug" world (and not sure how the hell to get him out of it, since we are all stupid and don't know a damn thing) watched my daughter enter middle school and go from a sweet little girl into a child i don't even know anymore (thank you puberty LOL) and all kinds of highs and lows this year. It was a roller coaster for sure!! But then again when is it not and really when I look at it in the scheme of things, i think i prefer it that way. Life never gets boring around the "young" house for sure!

I am NOT one for making resolutions. I do not know anyone who actually sticks to them. But at the beginning of a year I like to think of things i would like to accomplish in the year to come. I say "like" because that way if it happens fine and if not, oh well there is always next year right? ;O)

So following in my little tradition here is what i would like to see happen: 1.) I would like to start reading again. I love to read and i go through seasons where i read a lot and then seasons where i don't. I have so many books (compliments of Borders. Because when i walk into a book store you better believe i am walking out with about 5 to 10 books) it is crazy. My goal is to get them all read this year without buying any new ones until i am done. (now that will be a challenge come summer when my kids have to have a book for summer reading) 2.) I would like to get this last 24lbs. the hell OFF my body. this has been one hell of a ride for me. But that which has gone has stayed gone, just need to get the last of it off. Why the hell it is so easy for guys to lose weight and not girls is beyond me and it frankly PISSES ME OFF! 3.) I would like to work on posting something each and every day. No matter how small or stupid it may be. I have this blog for a reason and i would like to make it worth the time. Don't even care if people read it or not. 4.) I want to watch movies that I have been saying" I really need to watch that someday" those would include "A River Runs Through It", "The Horse Whisperer" and there is one with Brad Pitt which for the life of me i can not think of the name of. I know it is way long but heard it was an awesome movie. There are others out there but my mind is drawing a complete blank. 5.) Spending and taking out more time for my kids. I seem to have fallen into "the computer is more important when i'm home" thoughts. I am going to try to have a game night each week. We have so many games that we all love to play. And hell to be honest we still have a few that we have never played. So going for a game night is good thing. 7.) Taking time each week to reflect and see what i would like to change in my life. Spending more time with God and less time with me. I really would like to know the true purpose of what the hell I am even doing on this earth!!

So that is it in a nut shell. There are a few other things I would like to do, but they are personal and things i need to work out for myself. Maybe as they are worked out i will share them, but then again maybe not ;O)

So I say a Happy New Year to all of you who do or don't read this LOL! I hope many blessing come to pass for us all in this new year we have to live through. Much success to you all through this crazy economy we have to face and can only hope that Obama can pull us through it.