Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ok please help me with this one

So you know I watch American Idol. Sorry to those of you who think its lame but I love it. Anyway they were in Utah last night and doing auditions. Ok so in walks, oh hell can't remember his first name LOL, Blank Osmond!! He is Alan Osmonds son! So he auditions and he makes it. But the question remains.. Why in the HJELL if you are an Osmond and Alan's son to say the least, you have major connections through your uncle, you know they all talk cause those mormons are a close knit group, why in the hell would you subject yourself to AI when you KNOW your uncle HAS connections that can get you somewhere?? I just do NOT get it!!

BTW Alan looked like hell. He has MS but damn he is one big guy!!


Stephanie said...

I think he wants to "do it on his own"

Tommy said...

What Stephanie said, plus, if you think an Osmond - especially an Osmond not named "Donny" or "Marie" - has any significant connections, you may be confusing 2009 for 1974.

Seriously, the Osmonds are more of a punchline than a viable show biz entity now, and secondly, a lot of kids that grew up in someone's 'shadow' would rather go out on their own to prove themselves.

Vicki said...

Ok Tommy I agree with you on the Marie part. But not on Donny. He has done a lot and actually did an album not to long ago and from what I understand it did extremely well. probably not a grammy winner but still it did well. Plus he has done all his broadway stuff and he can sing. I know maybe not to you but it isn't like he is tone death or anything.

Tommy said...

Oh, the Osmonds are talented...they just aren't considered industry 'heavyweights'. Look, Bob Dylan is a legend, but his son started his own band and didn't want dad's help. THere are a lot of 'show biz kids' like that. I think it's admirable.

Besides, which is gonna get you more national attention? Having Uncle Donny shop you around to record labels (when he probably doesn't have much of a deal going himself), or going on American Idol and being seen by millions of people, proving yourself on national TV?