Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ok so i took the plunge

and now i may never leave the computer again LOL. But there are somethings that I do not get... like how do i find people from a different place than me? like friends i went to grade school with in MI. when i try to do it all it brings up is people that moved to TN. WTH is that about?? but i guess in time i will figure it all out


Tommy said...

Go to search, and then where it has a drop-down box for networks, it will say Nashville, TN (where you listed), and then something like "Other networks". Click on that - it will then ask you to type in the name of a city/state.

How's that?

Vicki said...

did that and it didnt work. had the nerve to tell me 2 things.. 1) the place wasn't there. Ummm I lived there LOL i know it exists and 2) i could only network in 1 place at a time. Whatever to that!!

Ok Tommy... help again.. how the hell do you tag someone? someone tagged me and I have no clue how to do it back!!

Tommy said...

You tag someone when you post a note and want them to be notified that you've posted it. So, you gotta write something first, then it gives you the option to tag.

I'll take another look at the search issue - it works for me, and I'm listed in the ATL network. but, they don't have every city/state. Pick the closest metro area to your town of choice. For instance, there's not Decatur, GA, just Atlanta, GA. No Brentwood, TN, just Nashville, TN, etc.