Saturday, January 10, 2009

Movie night

Ok we will start with Escape To Witch Mountain. My kids did like it but when I see what they do with movies now some of that is just so lame LOL. but we had fun watching it anyway and making fun of it. We also watched House Bunny. OMG that movie was way to funny. When I saw that Adam Sandler had something to do with it I knew it was gonna be good. If you need a no brainer LYAO kind of movie this is definitely worth the watch.


joanne said...

Escape to Witch Mountain? I saw that in the theaters when I was in elementary school lol. I loved it back then.

Vicki said...

I did also. It was funny cause i was telling my kids that way back then they would show movies more than once in theaters. My grandparents used to take us every year to see 101 dalmations every Christmas

joanne said...

My mom used to take me every year to see Song of the South, still love that movie and all the songs from it.