Sunday, January 11, 2009

One down

I guess in my "Happy New Year" post i forgot to mention when it comes to books i am all over the place with them. I usually do not read all the trendy books like "The Secret" and such. Not that they are not good books but i don't know, just never have cause they are trendy, the trend of the year kind of thing and i just can't get into it at all. Anyway, when i walk into Border's (because it is closer than Barnes and Noble) i walk over to the table of the new paperbacks (i love the way they make them now that the look and feel more like a hardback with a soft back cover LOL) and just start reading the backs of covers to see what they are about. I have to admit i am captured by the name of a book. If the name doesn't grab me i usually will not pick it up. Not sure why that is but it is the way i am. Some of these are really old. I told you i buy like mad and then go through seasons reading, or in this case NOT reading them.

The book i just got through reading is called "This Is Graceanne's Book". What a great book this was. It took place in the 60's and was about 3 kids and how they grew up. Their mom liked to beat Graceanne, but not the other kids. It also dealt with race relations and divorce back then. The youngest boy, Charlie, is the one who told the story and it was just incredible to see it told through the youngest ones eyes. If you have not read it i highly suggest it. It is by P. L. Whitney.


joanne said...

I'm the same way with book titles and that goes for movie titles too. Your book you just finished sounds really good. I'm almost finished with one that I could not even tell you the name of off the top of my head right now.

Vicki said...

That book must be damn good Jo if you can't even remember the name of it LOL

joanne said...

I can never remember the titles of anything lol