Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Can someone explain to me

What it is about Scarlett Johanson that guys think is so pretty? I just do NOT see it at all. I look at her and go HUH??? Just do not get it at all. Any ideas on her?


Tommy said...

I dunno. She's got sort of a cute/hot thing going, but nothing so special that she stood out to me.

I go for a different type, I guess. Tina Fey, Jenna Fischer (The Office), Sheryl Crow.

joanne said...

Sometimes she is pretty to me and sometimes she is just ok. Tommy it's refreshing to hear from a guy that goes for a woman who isn't all glam and boobs!

Tommy said...

Joanne - I don't go for glam or boobs. I like wit, warmth, and wisdom. I also like legs, not boobs or butts. Seriously, for the aesthetic, pretty eyes and shapely ankles do more for me than all the
DD cups and J-Lo trunks in the world.

Pamela Anderson, etc leave me cold. I mean, if they chained me to a bed and attacked me, I wouldn't scream "Help", but the scenario is unlikely, and I'd prefer coffee and a foot massage with Jodie Foster...who so could care less about me from a sexual standpoint.