Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Well it is all over :O(

Boy it seems sometimes for Christmas to get here and then BAM!!! it is all over in a flash of a moment. We really had a nice small one this year. I FINALLY got to see the new Pirate movie last night and darn that was good. Got to love them pirates in the form of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. Even if it wasn't good LOL 3 hours of just looking at them is more than worth it :O)!!! Also watched Meet The Robinson's and that was another good kids one. Still have 2 more to watch and will probably catch them today and tomorrow.

Got back to exercising this week. Last week was a bust with all I had to get done and places we had to go. Today about killed me when I started up again BUT I am determined to lose the rest of what I want this next year. Not a resolution cause I so do NOT do those. This is for ME!!!


joanne said...

It does go extremely fast! Guess I will be taking down the tree and other decorations this weekend, that's a chore I hate, only hate it more than actually putting the stuff up lol. I'm just not a Martha Stewart decorator extraordinaire.

Vicki said...

I am with you on that LOL. But I love putting it up.. HATE taking it all down :O( Just something sad in it all

joanne said...

Doesn't make me sad at all lol, maybe if I had someone to help with it all and didn't have to do it myself I'd feel different, will be so glad to have everything back to normal and in it's place.