Thursday, December 27, 2007

Never EVER again

will I let one whole week pass without exercising!!! OMG I feel like I am about to die. But hahaha that might also be because I have a super bad cold. But I can not let that stop me!!!!


joanne said...

I found some belly dance workout tapes!! Going to get them soon and get back to that since my teacher is STILL on hiatus and I don't like her colleague's classes as much as hers. I've missed it so much and feel so out of shape since I stopped, can't wait to start again!

Vicki said...

LOL at you miss research queen. Still trying to think of what you where supposed to be researching for us. And the black hole continues to swirl LOL. You know me and my love affair with Billy LOL ;O)

joanne said...

I found some belly dance workout tapes, there are tons of them out there! Well you finally remembered what I was supposed to research and I'll do that today lol.