Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Okay well thanks to Tommy I was able to finish ALL my shopping yesterday!! Got going about 9:30 in the morning and OMG didn't step foot in my door until 6:30 at night. It took all day but I am DONE!!!! I so swear after having to go out and do it this year I am going to save like mad and NEVER do that again. Give me shopping online any day. This was NUTS!!! I HATE SHOPPING!!! I know that coming from a girl LOL. But seriously I can not stand it. I think my sister wore me out on it since she likes to stay in one store for friggin hours. I like going in getting what I want and then out again. I did get some good buys and got almost verything they wanted.. okay well not the damn Wii. I gave the hell up on that. I REFUSE to chase any toy down. then found out that Nintendo only makes 1.8 million of these puppies a year to go across the world. They are doing it so they can keep the demand on them high and not have to lower the price. That is so screwed up to me because this makes for people fighting over them and also for so many kids to be disappointed in not getting one. Leave it to Japan to screw with kids!!!


joanne said...

You go girl! I can't even imagine doing it all in one day, but would love to be able to bust it out like that be over it. I'm pretty much done, just need to 2 more things. I haven't even done any cookies yet, but going to get them done on Friday. This is the first year I've actually had to go out and shop in the stores too after doing it all online for the past several years. Give me back my online shopping! I'm not a shopper either, another girl who hates shopping what are the odds? LOL My mom shops like your sister and I just can't keep up. When I shop I usually know what I want, go in, find it and get the hell out as fast as I can. I get no pleasure from shopping, it's torture.

joanne said...

Ugh have to go back to the mall today after work. Well I don't have to, but there is something there I want for myself lol,m erry christmas to me!

Vicki said...

what are we getting? I forgot Mica and Dinneer so we had to go back out to get them something. So now I am officially done and wrapped. now time to bake and sit and chill.