Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Now I am just plain scared LOL

You know it is seriously a good thing that Preston is my last son. I keep shaking my head and saying we will be broken in by then and we need to be cause heaven only knows what we are going to deal with with this one!! Okay so i was looking at a picture of Heidi Klum and she had on this dress (well I guess that was what it was LOL) and her crack was showing. i am going to try and post it... hopefully it will work

MSN Movies - Undressed!

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ok well there is the link LOL so you can see it. I looked at her back and was "OMG Now that is GROSS!!!" and if my back looked like that it would sure be covered. Anway.. back to subject at hand.. Preston was standing near me and walks over and says "Mom her back is nasty" but then points to her butt crack and says "But that right there I like" OMG HELP ME PLEASE!!!

Now you have to understand.. this comes after him saying to us one night when Caleb was telling Madison that she needed to start wearing a bra when she got to middle school cause they had to undress in gym and she would be made fun of if she didn't have a bra and panties on. Preston looks up and says... "Bra and panties ummmm now that is a sight I would like to see"

Have i scared you yet. As I said.. Heaven help us all!!!


joanne said...

OMG!! Not that I'm surprised anymore by anything that comes out of that child's mouth! All I have to say is girl you are in BIG trouble with this one!! hahahaha

Vicki said...

Was that not just crazy?? But isn't her back just gross? I can't tell if it is part of her dress or what but it is NASTY!!!

joanne said...

I couldn't see the picture of her back

Anonymous said...

just click on the pic. of her back and it will come up bigger.